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Thusday, Nov 23, 2017
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About batik

Batik is a drawing art above cloth for made clothes technically resist use wax material. The word of batik comes from Javanese. It means to write. Batik's technique has been recognized since thousands of year ago. There is no self explanatory history about batik genesis. There is assumption this technique comes from nation of Sumerian, is later developed by in Java after brought by all merchant of India. Batick, batic, bathik, battik, batique and batiks and also batix is other mention of batik. Now batik can be found in many states like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and Iran. Beside in Asia batik is also very popular in some state in the continent of Africa. Even though, very famous batik in world is batik coming is Indonesian and Pekalongan represent icon growth of national batik so that get epithet as BATIK TOWN (see : History of Batik in Indonesia )

Batik in present day

In the beginning, batik is represented from Indonesian king family tradition. During the period batik was done only limited, in just palace and the result were for the clothes of family and king and also all its follower. Because of many followers, of king which kept out palace, hence this batik art was brought out palace and done in their place.
In its growth, batik which first is Java feudalism symbol caused by batik for family and king and also for public, soon and later, the batik's art is called Batik Drawn (Batik Tulis). It is imitated by closest people and spread out to common people which is very liked, by men & women. Usually batik is only made above the white cotton and it is calico. Nowadays batik which have been become a traditional Indonesian's cloth, is also made from other materials like silky, polyester, materials and rayon of other synthetic. Anyway, there is a change how to make it. Besides batik drawn, there is also batik motif which is formed by hand, even; nowadays there are batik cap, batik printing, batik painting and sablon.

Shopping batik of online

In the global era, commercial activities have developed which sale by on line is through internet. That's sale called e-commerce, nowadays, there are thousands of e-Commerce in the world, BatikMarkets.com is one of them.
BatikMarkets.com is online batik shop sells batik of Pekalongan. You can have all our collections started from batik cloth, batik shawls, batik clothing, batik shirt, batik tablecloth, batik sarong, blouse, made by readily cloth and also frock of clothes (specially designed by your self), you don't need come to us, and you can even order it just from your seat. Besides we also accept ordering Uniform Batik.
If you wish to go shopping batik, please select wanted Product Categories. But our suggestion will be better if you read, Way of Transaction to get to know the procedure. Beside that, we suggest you to read Agreement of Transaction in order to know the rule of shopping.

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